The Fracturing is a part of a greater universe; original fiction titled The Guardians of the Wheel, written by Distancethecode. The Fracturing runs parallel to the events in Distance’ other campaign, The Redplague Mystique. The two tales are inextricably linked, their events flowing together in a dark weave that will eventually culminate in universe-shattering revelations.

The campaigns are entirely homebrew,utilizing mostly D&D 3.5 rulebooks, as well as other D20 sources at GM discretion. This not your father’s tabletop game. With a strong focus on powerful narrative and tactical, gritty combat, Distancethecode forsakes high fantasy for a much more visceral, engaging experience, at once rooted in the familiar, and yet transcending the mundane to explore deep, dark waters of theology, metaphysics, and the will to stand within us all.

The Fracturing

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