Brontus Nyx

Large Male Brontus Gladiator


Born in Bronta, Brontus Nyx spent the first 137 years of his life as a protector of his village, fending off various animals and monsters. On a single occasion when slavers from Acrasia came to Bronta to forcibly collect slaves, Brontus Nyx found himself compelled to prevent the capture of a younger member of his tribe, Brontus Ro. The day after successfully preventing the abduction and fighting off the slavers, they return in greater numbers and force Nyx into submission, binding him in shackles and caging him in a magically reinforced steel cell. Nyx was brought back to Acrasia, where he was forced into hard labor by day, and to fight in underground gladiatorial matches by night. Between the hard labor, fighting, and large number of guards constantly surrounding him, Nyx never had the strength to fight for his own freedom. One day, Kegios Udane, a wandering Leonite swordsman, happened upon one of the underground matches that Nyx was a part of. Pumped full of adrenaline and in a fit of rage after his victory, Nyx tried to break away from his captors only to be beaten by 8 arena guards. Kegios, having come to investigate these underground cage matches and sympathetic to the slaves in Acrasia, intervened and helped Nyx attain his freedom at the age of 149.

Studies with Kegios for 20 years.

Wanders the world for 33 years, funding his travel by doing various jobs requiring his massive size and strength at an increased cost because of the manpower saved.

Settles in Battle City to make a living doing one things he knows best: fighting. Works as a freelance bounty hunter, only when the mark meets his code of ideals. Works his way up in the hierarchy of Battle City over the next 31 years.

Picked up by the watchers to have him work for a higher power.

Brontus Nyx

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